Pexip partners with RealWear to enable secure video for frontline workers

Pexip, a global video technology company, today announced its integrated video conferencing application is now available for RealWear devices, including RealWear Navigator 500 series.

Pexip enables RealWear’s industrial-strength assisted reality headset to instantly connect with remote collaborators over video. With Pexip inside, RealWear users experience reliable video even in limited bandwidth conditions, as well as reduced strain on the device battery. RealWear is the pioneer of assisted reality, a productivity and safety-oriented wearable solution for the modern frontline professional. According to RealWear its solutions are used across the globe including 41 of Fortune 100 companies.

“What’s unique about Pexip is our ability to offer a high-quality experience under just about any condition. One of the reasons for this is our unique technology, which reduces the video processing load, enabling a smooth user experience while also reducing power consumption,” says Leighton Hughes, Vice President, Global Business Development – Innovation, at Pexip.

Pexip provides an easily customizable solution that can meet the needs of any workflow, whether providing critical medical care inside an ambulance, inspecting dangerous machinery on a factory floor, or performing repairs halfway up a wind turbine tower. In many of the situations in which RealWear headsets are used, time is of the essence due to the cost of equipment downtime, and the video quality is important in order to solve those problems.