Poly Announces Third Quarter Fiscal Year 2021 Financial Results

Poly (NYSE: PLT), a global outfitter of professional-grade audio and video technology, today announced third quarter results for the period ended December 26, 2020.

Poly posted record Professional Headset and Video revenues, with unit shipments more than doubling in each category year over year, reflecting the massive shift in the way work is done, where work is done, and the importance of reliable, high-fidelity connectivity.

The Company announced the Poly Studio P Series, a new family of sophisticated prosumer video solutions, addressing the growing need for tools that allow professionals to work from anywhere, connect easily using any platform, and enjoy enterprise-grade service and support.

The Company also announced Poly Lens Desktop App and Poly+. Poly Lens provides insights and management capabilities for voice, video, and headsets under a single pane of glass, while Poly+ is a personal device service providing 24/7 tech-support, overnight replacement, and advanced troubleshooting tools.