Prysm Systems Announces All-In-One Single Room Solution

Large-format laser-phosphor display maker Prysm Systems has unveiled the All-In-One Single Room solution, which it calls a simplified, on-premise deployment designed to streamline customer data privacy and security.

According to the company, the All-In-One provides customer with a preconfigured system that delivers an immersive experience and enhances collaboration between in-person and remote participants.

The latest addition to the company’s Prysm Application Suite of products, the pre-configured All-In-One is a software and appliance package that includes a collaboration server and front-end client software automated by Prysm Systems to streamline and simplify on-site installation for customers, according to the company.

“Coupled with a durable touch-screen display, a bezel-free, seamless picture and a rollable design, the All-In-One commissioning powerful visual elements and collaboration through engaging presentations with a simplified user experience,” the company said in the announcement.

The appliance utilizes a unique USB device to provide a “superior level” of data security, and the solution comes with a single room license and up to 10 user licenses that allow users to log in via the primary display or web browser, Prysm Systems said in a press release.