QSC expands Q-Sys Control plug-in library

QSC has announced the availability of two new Q-Sys Control plug-ins that reportedly enable quick integration and a consistent user experience within the Q-Sys ecosystem for Cisco conferencing and collaboration endpoints and the Barco ClickShare Conference family of devices. Both plug-ins are available through the Asset Manager portal within Q-Sys Designer Software.

The Cisco In-Room plug-in enables expanded control capabilities of Cisco collaboration endpoints, including Cisco Touch 10 and Webex Desk Series devices, while maintaining a consistent user experience by combining Cisco controls with in-room AV controls provided by Q-Sys. Through Cisco’s Interface Extension Editor, programmers can create custom panels and buttons to trigger specific actions through Q-Sys, while offering the ability to provide a consistent user experience for any applications utilising Cisco In-Room control.

To expand the reach of Q-Sys within wireless collaboration and conferencing systems, the Barco ClickShare Conference plug-in enables the ability to connect, monitor and control Barco ClickShare Conference devices from the same UCI as their in-room AV controls, simplifying the overall user experience. The plug-in ensures a safer meeting environment by providing seamless integration to create intelligent room controls, while minimising additional interaction with the collaboration system.