Randy Klein joins Xyte Advisory Board

Randy Klein joins Xyte Advisory Board

Xyte, the Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS) solution leader, which is bringing a fundamental shift in the way hardware manufacturing ecosystems operate, announced today that Randy Klein, former President and CEO of Crestron Electronics, is joining the company as a member of its Advisory Board.

Klein has played a significant role in the AV industry for over 45 years, driving growth and profit in the global enterprise and residential technology channels. Spending 31 years at Crestron Electronics as President and CEO until 2021. Under Klein’s leadership, Crestron shaped the AV industry.

Klein will apply his knowledge and experience to Xyte’s business strategy by supporting the company in its pursuit to allow device manufacturers to cloudify their devices, enhance support for customers and channels, and introduce new subscription-based business models.

Xyte’s first-of-its-kind Connected Device Management Platform (CDMP), provides one suite of tools to turn products into services, quickly go to market with as-a-Service offerings and transact recurring revenue at scale. With Klein’s guidance and support, the company aims to lead the way for hardware manufacturers and system integrators in their transition to the promising Hardware-as-a-Service business model, by easily integrating with Xyte’s plug-and-play platform.