Room Videoconferencing: Interoperability, User Training Remain Key

It was a simple comment entered into the chat window for one of the sessions in this week’s Enterprise Connect digital event. The session was about meeting room video interoperability, and the comment from an IT person summed up the goal: “Users just want to walk into the room and start their meeting (that is scheduled in the organization’s system). They don’t want to have to think about it (nor should they).”

Users can certainly be frustrated by the lack of interoperability if the meeting rooms have different vendors’ systems. Session presenter Jim Kelly detailed some significant progress in the last few months as the vendors have begun to work on the problem, but there’s clearly a way to go. And we don’t know how far they will go, given the way vendors tend to see true interoperability as a threat to their differentiation and value proposition.

Enterprises need to keep pressuring the vendors on meeting room interoperability, but in the meantime, the comments during our digital event session also showed that IT/communications teams also need to make every effort to train the users who are now (in some cases) returning to offices that are equipped with upgraded room systems.