Safaricom and Microsoft Create Videoconferencing Platform- RevMeet

Safaricom and Microsoft have created a teleconferencing facility, that’s sole purpose is enable hotels, to host meetings. The product ties into the market need for video conferencing desires from businesses and individuals alike, considering the pandemic is showing no signs of slowing down.

The business-to-business product, RevMeet, follows a month-and-a-half pilot where eight facilities in Nairobi and Mombasa were used to host parallel groups attending the same meeting. RevMeet costs KES 10,000 for up to a two-hour session, KES 15,000 for up to five-hour sessions and KES 20,000 for a day-long virtual session.

PrideInn Hotel was quick to post on Facebook, lauding their utilisation of the platform. “We Have Launched RevMeet! RevMeet Is A Solution That Combines Real (In-Person) and Virtual Conference Participation across Several Hubs Simultaneously, Saving Time And Budgets Whilst Keeping To Strict Covid19 Protocols And Health Guidelines” read the Facebook post.

RevMeet allows users to have meetings with seamless high speed internet and high end technology, have One meeting across several locations seamlessly. It also allows users to have participants from any region joining meetings virtually and allows for users to have their meeting Streamed live on social media. […]

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