ScreenBeam® Introduces USB Pro Switch with Intelligent Switching

ScreenBeam Inc., a global leader in wireless display and conferencing solutions, today announced the release of ScreenBeam USB Pro Switch, offering unprecedented, fully automated intelligent USB device switching to expand room functionality beyond MTR. ScreenBeam USB Pro Switch enables wireless Bring Your Own Meeting (BYOM), wireless content sharing during an MTR session, and in-room wireless presentation in other meetings not being run on a Unified Communications Collaboration (UCC) platform. Now in-room participants can effortlessly switch between MTR meetings and BYOM.

“Organizations are bringing employees back to the workplace, requiring flexible and reliable meeting spaces,” reports Mike Ehlenberger, VP ScreenBeam. “Working meeting spaces are significant investments and should never be locked or limited to a singular technical solution. ScreenBeam USB Pro Switch combined with the ScreenBeam 1100 Plus unlocks the maximum value of your meeting room investment and expands communication options well beyond a standalone dedicated Unified Communications installation. The best part is everything is fully automatic, making user experiences natural and carefree.”

The use case is not limited to spaces with MTR. Combining ScreenBeam USB Pro Switch with the 1100 Plus receiver system allows USB video conferencing devices to be automatically switched between wireless BYOM (enabled by ScreenBeam Conference) and wired BYOM using the HDMI input and USB Pro Switch.

The ScreenBeam USB Pro Switch with the 1100 Plus receiver system includes advanced technology and features to meet the most stringent commercial and higher education user requirements, including: