Second US bid to curb Huawei may end up like the first

The first attempt by the US, a year ago, to cripple Chinese telecommunications equipment vendor Huawei Technologies and prevent it from manufacturing its products has been mostly a failure, with the only definitive outcome being the success in banning the company from using the proprietary version of Google’s Android mobile operating system.

Now the US has embarked on a second round of strictures which are aimed at achieving what it failed to do with last year’s listing of Huawei on the Entity List, a blacklist that prevents a company from acquiring products that have more than 25% of American content.

There was a way around it: American companies which wanted to continue selling to Huawei simply supplied the Shenzhen-based firm through their outlets located outside the United States. When it came to Android, Huawei started using the open-source version and adding its own playstore app, admittedly not the best solution, but no block to selling its smartphones in China. […]

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