Security Leader Adeya Launches Industry-first, Zero-trust, Encrypted Video Conferencing

Adeya, the secure collaboration leader, announced the launch of its Confidential Video Conferencing feature – the new feature compliments Adeya’s end-to-end encrypted collaboration suite. Adeya’s platform provides clients with encrypted private calls, messaging, confidential video calls, and secure file transfer. At a time when the use of consumer-grade apps for work has dramatically increased breach and privacy infringement risks, the service offers teams a channel to collaborate efficiently, with absolute security.

In recent months, the COVID-19 pandemic has compelled many businesses to rapidly adopt collaboration apps to support teamwork and business continuity, with 62 million business app downloads during just one week of March, a 90% year-on-year increase. [1]

This work-from-home revolution has seen both employers and employees incorporate easy-to-use consumer apps into their daily work. However, several high profile incidents have raised awareness about the often hidden risks of such apps. From uninvited intruders “bombing private calls,” user data mysteriously transiting through countries such as China, sensitive information consistently leaking into the public domain/darknet, and to governments/ regulators banning certain apps, users are continually learning the hard way that many apps do not offer enterprise-grade security.