Serial Entrepreneur Embraces ClearOne Aura System for Simple, Professional-Grade Videoconferencing

Running several media and talent management companies is not an easy task under normal circumstances, but succeeding during an abnormal Covid quarantine requires a willingness to adapt, and adapt quickly, according to CelebExperts CEO Evan Morgenstein.

As a talent representative and booker whose job requires making great first impressions and providing responsive, reliable service to clients, Morgenstein has been able to rise above the challenges presented by Covid with the help of the ClearOne Aura Versa 50 videoconferencing system that offers 4K video clarity and superior audio capture and playback.

“I have nearly constant interaction on a daily basis, and being in an ultra-competitive industry, it’s critical that I remain totally professional and ready to tackle new challenges and opportunities as they affect my clients,” Morgenstein explained. “Throughout 2020 it became apparent that my laptop’s webcam and microphone were no longer good enough, and that a professional-grade video conferencing solution from ClearOne would ensure that my meetings go smoothly, conversations are understood the first time, and that technology would never stand in the way of making a deal or signing a client.”