SIPPIO Becomes First Full-Service Accelerator for Microsoft Teams and Zoom Phone

SIPPIO, the world’s leading voice enablement platform is today announcing that it has become the first accelerator to allow carriers to enable voice in both Microsoft Teams and Zoom simultaneously.

As an accelerator, SIPPIO can jumpstart carriers in 74 countries to set up and go to market with their own Microsoft Operator Connect and Zoom Provider Exchange programs from a single unified platform; giving their customers the ability to make and receive calls in their favorite collaboration apps.

Since launching in June 2019, SIPPIO has been at the forefront of cloud telephony, building a robust global voice platform that powers PSTN calling directly inside Microsoft Teams and Zoom Phone. The company recently signed agreements with Microsoft and Zoom to become a delivery partner for their respective accelerator programs.

SIPPIO also gives carriers the ability to enhance their offering and augment their services in new markets and territories; alongside a powerful toolkit to automate and manage everything in their service from quoting to sales, migrations, and activations. The solution is backed by hyper-scalable and global infrastructure built on Microsoft’s Azure cloud that eradicates complex and expensive integration processes for carriers.

The company is also supporting carriers with demand generation, developing bespoke sales and marketing frameworks centered around growth.