Smarsh Launches Zoom Voice Recording and Archiving

Smarsh®, enabling organizations to manage the risk and uncover the value within their electronic communications, today announced comprehensive capture and archive support for Zoom chat, voice and video recordings.

Businesses have increasingly relied on web conferencing and collaboration platforms to augment their operations, especially since COVID-19 has pushed much of the workforce into remote settings. Over the first three months of 2020, Zoom usage exploded from 10 million daily meeting participants to over 200 million. Organizations, particularly those in highly regulated industries like financial services, need the right solution to manage risk and meet compliance and e-discovery obligations.

Smarsh provides capture and archiving support for content generated through Zoom meetings, Zoom rooms, Zoom phone, and in-meeting and out-of-meeting chat. Audio content can be transcribed in over 120 languages and regional dialects. Once ingested into a Smarsh Connected Archive solution, Zoom content is automatically indexed, stored in immutable format and made accessible for Supervision and Discovery. Customers can search transcripts and metadata and play back Zoom audio alongside all other voice and text-based content within their archive. […]