SyncWords Media Localization AI Integrates with Kaltura Video AI and Enrichment Services

SyncWords, the leader in cloud-based video captioning and subtitling, announced today that it has joined the Kaltura Video Technology Marketplace offering Kaltura customers automated localization of video into multiple languages via machine translated subtitles. SyncWords’ advanced automation is now integrated into the Kaltura REACH video AI, captioning and enrichment framework. SyncWords within Kaltura REACH will help organizations save time and money by automatically translating captioned media to reach new audiences and grow international foreign speaking viewership.

Localization of video via foreign language subtitles has become an excellent way to reach a global audience and grow subscriptions of existing online video channels. Content creators who want to localize their videos have faced some significant barriers including prohibitively high costs and long turnaround times to get back results. With SyncWords machine translated subtitles, Kaltura users will receive subtitles in real-time and at very low costs. Organizations with captioned videos in Kaltura can easily order translations and see the results automatically pop up in the Kaltura player. […]