Synergy SKY connects traditional video conferencing to Teams and other cloud meetings for Government Agencies

Synergy SKY announces a self-hosted interop solution developed for government agencies in demand of high-quality video meetings between their SIP video endpoints and Microsoft Teams, the predominant collaboration tool in the market. This award-winning, future-proof and flexible solution helps public organizations address the complexity and inconsistency caused by the plurality of vendors and technologies.

“The various vendors in the industry use different protocols. This demands additional solutions for compatibility, which ultimately affects the user experience and workflow. As a result, scheduling and joining a call became far more complicated than it ought to be”, said Ståle Reitan, CEO, Synergy SKY.

Employees should not be expected to have deep-seated knowledge of video meeting technology to successfully join meetings from a video room. “We cannot overemphasize how important it is that CONNECT for Government enables the single user experience required to leverage Cisco or Poly SIP endpoints to connect both ways to Microsoft Teams. Users are now given one sole way to schedule, join, share, mute and hang up meetings. This means that they can easily be a part of a Teams meeting from office meeting rooms, regardless of who sends out the meeting invitation” said Ståle Reitan, CEO, Synergy SKY.