Telehealth Video Technology Is Helping the VA Reach More Vets

“Great article with amazing stats on video usage at the VA.  More than 1M annual patient visits over video last year.  Can you keep a secret?  This is powered by Pexip …” – Ira

The Department of Veterans Affairs is at the forefront of digital medical technology innovation. The VA has pioneered telehealth, and recent advances in providing telehealth services have made it the largest telehealth program in the country.

For the first time ever, the VA surpassed more than one million annual video telehealth patient visits last fiscal year. More than 393,000 veterans are using video technology to monitor their prescriptions at home, check in with their primary-care teams, and consult with specialists hundreds of miles away.

More than 780,000 veterans used one of the VA’s three telehealth features during more than 2.2 million interactions with more than 900 VA sites to access clinical care in more than 50 medical specialties. […]