Tencent Cloud’s VooV Meeting Unveils New Features for a More Efficient, Convenient and Seamless Video Conferencing Experience

Video conferencing has emerged as an essential tool under the new normal brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, and upward trends in its usage are expected to stay in people’s daily work and personal routines even after the current situation. To address demands for a more integrated and convenient video conferencing experience for an easier flow of work and activities online, VooV Meeting by Tencent Cloud unveils new features, including the ability and flexibility to use the platform through web browsers – allowing users to attend video conferences on any device without the need to install the app.

Businesses and individuals engaging in global conferences and meetings have found VooV Meeting to be an absolute necessity due to its high-quality, reliable and secure functions, as proven by an increase in its recorded downloads and number of active users. In the first half of 2021, VooV Meeting’s number of users has seen a 26 percent jump worldwide and a 29 percent increase in Hong Kong. Daily active users of Tencent Meeting, the version used in Chinese mainland of VooV Meeting, reached more than 10 million just within two months after its launch last year. It also holds the distinction of being the fastest video and audio conference platform to have reached more than 100 million users within 245 days.

Increasing efficiency and convenience for users all over the globe, VooV Meeting has now introduced new features that address the rapidly evolving needs and demands of businesses as well as daily users, enabling them to join meetings safely and quickly on mobile phones, PCs, tablets, and web pages for a seamless conferencing experience across platforms.