Textel Announces New Integration with Five9

Five9 Reports First Quarter Record Revenue Growth of 45% to a Record $137.9 Million

Textel, a rapidly growing texting platform designed specifically for contact centers, announced a new integration with Five9, a leading provider of the intelligent cloud contact center. This is Textel’s latest integration with a contact center as a service (CCaaS) solution and allows more businesses to incorporate texting into their customer experience.

Textel helps businesses provide a modern communication experience by text-enabling existing contact center phone numbers. It supports rich SMS and MMS conversations with the ability to utilize a hybrid of textbots and live agent support. Textel is laser-focused on solving texting for the modern contact center with features that make texting a contact center as natural as calling.

“Contact centers know texting is a powerful, effective way to create customer connections, but many don’t know where to start,” says Walt Rossi, Vice President of Business Development at Five9. “We are thrilled to have Textel as part of our partner ecosystem.”

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