The Farm Announces Development of FarmWAN Weather Alert Notification Plugin for Q-SYS

The FarmAssist technical services team announces the development of FarmWAN, a Q-SYS plugin that provides Q-SYS programmers the ability to trigger operations based on weather activity for a given location.

FarmWAN scans the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Weather database every minute for active alerts that apply to the provided coordinates and compares the parameters of the alert to the configuration to determine if an alert should be triggered.

Standard parameter filters such as Urgency, Severity and Certainty as well as Response Type are programmable to suit each deployment. “Must Include” and “Must Exclude” keywords can also be specified to meet a broad range of application requirements.

Applications for FarmWAN include weather-based notifications for touch panels/digital signage and the automation of an AV system based on emergency weather events. Paired with FarmTTS text-to-speech plugin, FarmWAN can provide audible weather alert notifications – ideal for emergency public safety services (fire stations, EMTs, police departments), schools, hospitals and more.