Trade School Selects Google Jamboard for Hybrid Learning Program

BenQ, the global exclusive distributor of Google Jamboard, is providing the cloud-based display and collaboration tools that career and technical schools need to seamlessly adapt to hybrid and remote learning models. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Georgia Career Institute (GCI) selected and successfully installed Google Jamboard 4K UHD all-in-one interactive displays across its three campuses in Georgia and Tennessee. The Jamboard’s integrated Google Workspace, Google Meet video conferencing application, and cloud-based collaboration tools provide instructors with a user-friendly system for teaching remotely, delivering outstanding virtual vocational preparation to students during the pandemic.

“Jamboard supports what our teachers already know — Google,” said Lauren Davis, regional director for GCI. “It is not foreign, so they could get started right away without fear of moving into the remote model or creating a bad experience for our students. When you already know Google, the Jamboard makes it very easy to step into a remote learning model.

Using Jamboard’s built-in features and capabilities, GCI was able to create and launch a virtual program for its theory classes in a matter of weeks without introducing new workflows or programs. From the Jamboard, teachers simply log into their Google account to pull up materials within Google Docs, access Gmail, or launch classes in Google Meet. With a tap of the onscreen video conferencing app or the meeting reminder on their calendar, teachers can get remote classes started effortlessly. They don’t have to fuss with third-party apps or use a separate device to launch the Meet. Because the display comes built-in with a wide-angle camera, microphone, and speakers, instructors did not have to learn how to operate additional equipment. […]