Twitter makes its $7.99 Twitter Blue pricing official, features blue Verified badge, less ads, and more

After a long week of Twitter news and rumors, the company has updated its app this weekend, bringing with it a new price tag for its Twitter Blue subscription service. According to the new description found in the app after the update, the service will now cost $7.99 per month and will include access to the coveted blue Verified badge and some other upcoming features.

Although the description in the App Store has been changed to show off the new price, it doesn’t look to be fully implemented as of yet. If you happen to check other sources for Twitter Blue, you will most likely see that pricing has not been refreshed on the Twitter website. Also, checking the updated iOS app will now only show a “Subscribe” button without a price. But, even trying to process a Twitter Blue subscription shows that cost for the service is still set at the old $4.99 price.

According to Esther Crawford, who is the Director of Product Management at Twitter, the company is currently “testing in real-time” and tweets that the features aren’t quite live yet, with it all coming soon. As of now, it looks like things are still in transition.