US Indicts Former Zoom China Liaison for Doing PRC’s Bidding

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A former China liaison at Zoom has been indicted by the US for interfering in meetings, monitoring users and fabricating evidence against them as per Beijing’s instructions.

Xinjiang (“Julien”) Jin, faces a maximum 10 years in prison if found guilty of conspiracy to commit interstate harassment and unlawful conspiracy to transfer a means of identification. However, Jin is unlikely to face trial given that he’s based in China.

The former Zoom man was originally hired at the behest of the Communist Party after it blocked the service in China in autumn 2019. His alleged role appears to have been something akin to an unofficial content censor and spy.

“Part of Jin’s duties included providing information to the PRC government about [Zoom] users and meetings, and in some cases he provided information – such as Internet Protocol addresses, names and email addresses – of users located outside of the PRC,” the indictment noted.