USC Deploys $2 Million AV Network in Prep for Hybrid

The University of Southern California is investing close to $2 million in a project to deploy an AV network to cover 248 classroom spaces for hybrid learning. The institution will be using products from Audinate, Crestron and Shure for the implementation.

The network will address the need for flexibility. For fall classes, the university will allow for multiple forms of instruction:

  • The presence of the instructor in the classroom teaching to a small group of students attending in person as well as to students viewing the session in real time from remote locations. In that scenario, each classroom system needs to be able to capture, transmit and record content, and then reset for the next class, with all the audio and video content flowing where it’s needed.
  • A single presenter broadcasting from campus to multiple rooms for overflow situations. The overflow rooms are equipped with cameras, microphones, displays/projectors and sound systems.
  • And a faculty member delivering a presentation from a remote site to students in the room or doing distance learning. There, an assistant would be in the main room to start the session and assure there were no issues. The presenter’s video and audio would be on screen.In all cases, the instructor’s presentation and student interactions would be recorded for future use.

    According to Joe Way, the university’s director of learning environments, a primary aspect of the system is flexibility. For that reason, USC is moving to an all-network-based AV setup, which will “allow us to transmit any signal to any other location,” he explained in a case study developed by Audinate about the project. […]

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