Utelogy Announces Partnership with EOS IT Solutions –

Utelogy Announces Partnership with EOS IT Solutions –

Utelogy Corporation a visionary provider of management, monitoring and analytics software for the connected workspace, announced a partnership with EOS IT Solutions, a global technology and logistics company that provides collaboration and IT support services through forward-looking solutions in 175+ countries.

The partnership between Utelogy and EOS plays a key role in providing IT collaboration and business support services to some of the world’s largest industry leaders, providing forward-looking solutions based on a multi-domain architecture. Leveraging the power of the Utelogy platform as part of the EOS Care Support package, customers will receive enhanced services through preventive maintenance and proactive monitoring.

“EOS is very excited to expand our customer service portfolio by partnering with Utelogy. As global customer AV/VC environments evolve, Utelogy provides end-to-end support and management tools for even the most complex cross-vendor events. Automation is more important than ever to our customers, and with U-Automate, centralized teams immediately receive global, actionable room information.

“Many of our customers today have inherited VC environments that are not only multi-platform, but also multi-vendor in different buildings and geographies. While EOS helps end users unify their workplaces, Utelogy quickly delivers the visibility they’ve been wanting,” explains Niall Kearney, CTO, EOS IT Solutions.