Videoconferencing Apps And Litigation: Employers, Be Careful!

Looking pretty on camera is the least of our worries.  One of the very few good things about the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic was the fact that I could work at home, which also meant I could look like a bum all day. No makeup. It was awesome!

But now, I’m back at the office (which truly has been nice), and probably at least half of my conference calls are on Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Not only can I not be a bum any more, but I can’t even “dress for work” any more. Now I have to “dress for TV,” which is harder. I have to select the right clothes (at least from the sternum up), make sure my hair looks great (OK, OK, as good as it will ever get), and wear twice as much makeup to cover all the flaws that the webcam displays with such pitiless accuracy.

I’m slowly getting it. This week I discovered that I look nicer on camera if I have a necklace on. Good to know! I’ll wear one from now on! […]

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