Videoconferencing nightmare as Connecticut councilman resigns after he’s overheard swearing during budget hearing

The potential perils of videoconferencing were dramatically illustrated during a town council meeting in Connecticut this week when an unwitting councilman dropped an expletive during a budget meeting.

Brooks Parker, a Republican in Wethersfield, has now resigned after he didn’t mute his microphone during the hearing and could be overheard saying “I don’t care about the [f…] needs of this budget.”

During the meeting, which was conducted in a live online video session — as is being done in most cities and towns due to the coronavirus — Parker’s phone rings and he picks it up.

“Is it bad if I tell you I’m watching a town budget meeting and trying to do my taxes at the same time?” he says to the caller. “Dude, I got to tell you, it’s so different being on the other side. … I don’t care about the [f…] needs of this budget.” […]