Videoconferencing shows lack of clothing during video calls is more common than you think

When the world went into lockdown in early 2020, one of the main concerns for organizations was how indefinite work-from-home conditions would affect business and employees.

It seems that with the rise of Zoom, everyone has video switched on during meetings, so it is inevitable that you are going to be seeing a lot more than you used to over video. A new report shows just how much people are seeing and behaving on these calls.

NY-based AI data operating startup Behavox released its Enterprise Conduct and Risk report. In the report, corporate professionals were asked about their experience working from home during COVID-19 and the effect it is having on stress levels and corporate misconduct.

It surveyed 3,000 respondents from the US, the UK, and Canada about their work-from-home experiences, which led to startling revelations that, if unchecked, seriously undermine corporate cultures and risk postures of enterprises across numerous industries.