Videxio Announces Interoperability Service for Google Hangouts Meet

Videxio connection means Google is now a part of the “standards-based VC” family 🙂

Videxio is a provider of cloud video collaboration solutions for companies and organisations of all sizes, from start-ups to large enterprises. One of the key benefits of the Videxio service is the level of interoperability it provides to those utilising videoconferencing solutions on different platforms and devices, ensuring maximum return on investment for videoconferencing users. Videxio is delighted to announce that it has signed an agreement with Google, in partnership with Pexip, and will be one of the first to offer video conferencing interoperability for Google Hangouts Meet as a service.

“We believe that this provides an excellent opportunity for our existing partners, opens up opportunities for us with Google partners and provides an important service for users, extending videoconferencing interoperability to a whole new audience. With no complex technical setup required, companies can enjoy interoperability in seconds,” says Tom-Erik Lia, CEO and Co-Founder of Videxio