VisibilityOne Corporation Winner of the 2021 Remote Work Pioneer Award Unveils an Integrated Document Center.

VisibilityOne, the world’s only IT monitoring tool that provides real-time data for today’s uniquely blended workforce of VC rooms and remote videoconferencing users unveils today its fully integrated Document Center. This unique storage system is designed to address a common problem that AV engineers and support teams face regularly, and that is document management.

“Our exclusive fully integrated Document Center streamlines support without any additional overhead,” said Von Bedikian, Co-founder at VisibilityOne. “We have enabled the Document Center to conveniently store, share, and manage all your room designs and documents in one place. We are providing all this as part of your VisibilityOne subscription”.

The Document Center in VisibilityOne eliminates search time since all associated documents are visually and virtually at your fingertips. A service technician or engineer managing a conference room or AV space can upload, store and even share documents without the need to reference other storage applications.

Eliminate the hassle of storing your room designs and images on random file servers. Organize files associated with each video conferencing room quickly, and at no cost. No third-party integration, no need for APIs, simply select the monitored AV or conference room and upload your files. When needed, share documents and set an expiration date, it’s that simple.