VisibilityOne Stops IT Sweeps and Runners at the Line of Scrimmage

VisibilityOne does that by not just finding the root cause, but by uprooting the problem permanently.

Other monitoring platforms will have you believe the existing 5 step methodology of, detect, report, alert, Trouble-Ticket, response, is the best possible process and outcome you can expect.

At VisibilityOne we’ve changed the process: our powerful UC&C monitoring and AI platform works in real-time and combines “detect – report – alert” into one step, subsequently, our patented application can self-heal and/or failover, cutting down by multitudes Trouble Tickets, and responses.

In a recent study of over 1000 video-enabled rooms over 80% of Trouble-Tickets were related to the AV connected devices i.e., mics, cameras, speakers. With VisibilityOne’s powerful self-healing and device fail-over, you and your customer will be able to avoid most of those incidents whether you’re a single platform or multiplatform user of MS Teams, Zoom, Poly, Cisco, and more.