Vivoh Launches Meetings DVR for FinServ in the Zoom App Marketplace

Portland, Oregon based Vivoh is introducing a new service for the financial services industry that enables Zoom Meetings to start on time, allows late attendees to catch up at 2X speed, and gives everyone the flexibility to pause live meetings individually when a break is needed.

The Vivoh OnTime App has been released in the Zoom App Marketplace with unique benefits for the financial services industry, including a new, patent-pending, method for securely streaming and time-shifting live meetings with no data at rest.

Large financial services organizations hold millions of Zoom Meetings each month and employees are in need of more flexibility as they continue to navigate an evolving hybrid meeting work environment.

Vivoh OnTime increases productivity by removing wasted time during meeting starts and by providing flexibility during the live meeting. Rather than disrupting meetings for clarification, attendees can rewind and playback live meeting content on their own. 2X playback enables focused and rapid review of live meeting content. Vivoh OnTime is poised to become one of the preferred attendance methods for large meetings with many passive participants who would otherwise be multi-tasking.