Vonage Launches Vonage Voyagers to Foster Developer Feedback and Community Growth

Vonage, a global cloud communication services provider, has announced a new developer program called Vonage Voyagers. This new program is intended to help build a developer community that provides the company with product feedback and user-generated content. To support this, Vonage is committed to providing this new community with increased support, in-depth training, and early access to APIs.

Vonage noted that its platform provides a variety of tools for application and product development including Video, Voice, Conversations, Messaging, and Verification services. In order to support developers that are likely to encounter a diverse set of challenges based on the variety of services offered, the company is leaning on the new Vonage Voyagers program to encourage growth. The announcement highlighted the expectations for the program:

“With the new Vonage Voyagers program, we are inviting developers to work closely with us, gaining exclusive access to pre-release APIs, as well as mentorship and learning opportunities with Vonage Developer Advocates, Product Managers, and Engineers. Voyagers will also receive training to improve their content creation skills and expand their reach, limited edition swag, and more perks.” […]