WeWork Deploys Thousands of Konftel Wireless Conferencing Solutions Globally

There are certainly lots of big companies in the world with multiple meeting rooms requiring conferencing technology. And then there’s New York-based WeWork, whose very business is to provide collaboration space for its half-million-plus members in more than 150 cities across six continents. To do so, WeWork maintains a stockpile of roughly 10,000 wireless, IP-based Konftel 300Wx conference phones that are easy for people to use and for WeWork staff to maintain.

“Globally, we have more than 16,000 conference rooms,” explains Nick Nienaber, Head of Audiovisual at WeWork. “For those rooms where we offer members communication technology, we ended up having pretty specific needs, and Konftel has been an incredible partner in providing the right solution.”

“The WeWork team is passionate about getting the technology right for its members,” says Fredrik Hörnkvist, Konftel Sales Director for the Americas. “As an organization, it’s at the forefront of collaboration, digital transformation, and helping drive workplace productivity and innovation.”

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