Where Can I Work? DTEN Answers Hybrid Office Concerns With Solutions Powered By Zoom’s Workspace Reservation

Where Can I Work? DTEN Answers Hybrid Office Concerns With Solutions Powered By Zoom's Workspace Reservation

DTEN and Zoom are working together to offer streamlined office management solutions as a growing number of companies are seeing employees return in person. Dubbed the “great return,” Fortune 500 corporations and more are calling back staff at least part-time. To help manage logistics are easy-to-implement IT solutions pairing Workspace Reservation from Zoom with DTEN devices, including the award-winning DTEN D7 and DTEN ME Pro.

“Managing the return to work can seem like a big puzzle. Companies have employees entering the office on different days, needing a variety of spaces, and all concerned about safety and productivity,” said Cary Bran, Global Head of Zoom Rooms.Workspace Reservation from Zoom provides the solution: it delivers an easy way for companies to manage the hybrid office, enabling employees to reserve workspaces that best meet their specific needs and DTEN devices seamlessly support the entire ecosystem.”

Returning employees will find an office in transition. To better serve the hybrid workplace, nearly 66% of companies say they are considering office reconfiguration (2021 Work Trend Index Survey, Edelman Data X Intelligence.) This includes hot desking, a common hybrid strategy where multiple workers use a single physical workstation at different times.

“Hot desking is part of Zoom’s Workspace Reservation and exemplifies how Zoom and DTEN work in tandem to support hybrid office management,” continued Rick Corteville, CMO at DTEN. “By accessing Zoom’s Workspace Reservation on a DTEN device, returning employees can view an interactive map of available workstations and meeting rooms, see where colleagues are sitting, and instantly reserve their preferred space.”