Willamette University Reduces Audio Frustrations for Remote Learners With Yamaha

Zoom-Certified Yamaha YVC-1000 Microphone and Speaker System Helps Students Feel Like They’re Right in the Classroom

The Zoom-certified Yamaha YVC-1000 uniquely features a separate intelligent microphone and full-range speaker unit that can be placed close to a display for naturally blended audio and video to enable full far-end comprehension. Yamaha’s adaptive echo cancellation and other unique, high-quality sound processing technologies developed over the years also help facilitate a stress-free conversation.

Because the YVC-1000 allows for up to five microphones to be daisy-chained, it’s perfectly suited to pick up the audio around the room. Another benefit is that the technology staff can tailor the number of mics used, and where they are laid out within the room, to optimize the audio for the room size and shape. Depending on the size of the room, each is equipped with three, four, or five microphones. The speakerphone’s scalable, easy-to-deploy architecture was ideal for turning the former event spaces as well as a 125-seat theater into a high-quality, hybrid classroom in under an hour.