Wrike Teams Up With Unito To Bring Miro Integration To Users

Wrike, the most powerful work management platform, today announced an expanded partnership with integration automation platform Unito, that allows Wrike tasks and projects to connect and sync with visual collaboration platform Miro. This partnership unlocks greater collaboration capabilities for Wrike users that rely on Miro to capture their creative thinking and, previously, had to manually transfer ideas into Wrike for execution or to share with broader teams. Available now, the fully embeddable, no-code Wrike add-on allows customers to automatically create Wrike tasks based on Miro cards and keep those work items updated in real-time via two-way sync.

This integration allows teams to bring more of their work into a single source of truth, decreasing the number of tasks that have potential to slip through the cracks and ultimately contribute to The Dark Matter of Work. It also helps break down silos between cross-functional teams that collaborate on projects but may not all be Miro users.

Analysts predict that IT spending is expected to increase 2.4% in 2023, but bigger budgets shouldn’t imply introducing more disparate tools,” says Andrew Filev, Founder and CEO, Wrike. “Workers are already overwhelmed by the number of applications they use to manage their workflows on a daily basis, and many of them can not be used cross-departmentally. Organizations should invest in scalable solutions that play well with others, allowing them to consolidate work across platforms. This is where integrations become essential, allowing teams access to a variety of interconnected solutions without spreading employees too thin.”