Xyte Hardware-as-a-Service Platform Brings Cloud Services Breakthrough to Hardware Manufacturing Businesses

Brookstein adds that while there are many opportunities that hardware manufacturers could pursue for growth, none offer more potential than HaaS. However, many of them struggle to capture this opportunity due to theenormous resources needed to develop such a solution.

Business partners Omer Brooksteinand Boris Dinkevich came from two very separate industries on the way to founding Xyte, the innovative companybehind the first Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS) cloud platform.

Brookstein, an Audio-Video industry veteran, spentnearly 15 years working in different rolesat Crestron Electronics. Dinkevich worked in amuch different software development world, where he built advanced cloud applications for large high-tech firms. Their common interest in the cloud as a transformational business driver brought themtogether to establish Xyte (formerly known as SyncPro) in early 2020.

Xyte offers hardware manufacturers an end-to-end cloud-based platform to run their entire HaaS businesses, better support their channels and customers, and develop new recurring revenue streams. This includes support for what Xyte calls “Digital Products,”an innovative new approach that allows manufacturers to remotely enable device features through subscriptions. Xyte’s innovation allows customers to elastically scale their products on one hand,while helping manufacturers simplify their inventory management and capture new upsell opportunities.

“Cloud technologies have disrupted nearly every industry,” said Brookstein, CEO of Xyte. “Different industries are renowned for hardware innovation, but there is an enormous gap between hardware suppliers and modern cloud applications and services. Xyte paves the way for hardware suppliers of any industry to modernize their offerings, and provide their integration partners and end customers with technology platforms that will enable new services at an unparalleled time and cost-to-market.”