Yamaha and 1 Beyond Partner to Redefine the Audio and Video Speaker-Tracking Experience

Yamaha Unified Communications today announced the ADECIA Ceiling Solution, engineered with Yamaha’s quality audio technology and expertise, integrates seamlessly with 1 Beyond’s Automate™ VX voice-activated camera switching solution to provide a highly accurate speaker-tracking experience. The integration uses a web-based room design software, which requires zero programming, and is now available for corporate, university, and government meeting spaces.

“1 Beyond is a leader in the world of intelligent camera and automated camera switching,” said Phil Marechal, VP of Business Development and Product Management at Yamaha Unified Communications. “Similarly, Yamaha’s ADECIA leverages our dynamic beam tracking technology to pick up and deliver conversations clearly to the far end. This combination of best-in-class voice tracking and audio processing ensure conference participants have the clearest communication possible for an all-around productive meeting.”

The hybrid meeting experience is at its best when in-room participants are seen and heard clearly. 1 Beyond’s multi-camera Automate VX solution creates this optimal hybrid experience by showing the active speaker whenever they talk. As different participants speak, the system cuts cleanly from camera to camera, without any observable camera movement or switching. It also features an optional Conversation Mode that shows the two most recent speakers in a side-by-side view. The Automate VX solution supports up to 12 cameras placed strategically around the room and multiple ADECIA ceiling units, allowing for automatic camera switching in a wide variety of room types, including large and complex spaces.