Yamaha Announces Dante-Enabled Ceiling and Tabletop Microphone Models

Yamaha today announced the RM-TT tabletop and RM-CG ceiling-mount microphones for conferencing applications designed around the Dante platform. These standalone microphones pack all of Yamaha’s powerful sound technologies, including automatic voice tracking, auto gain control, adaptive echo cancellation, noise reduction, and reverberation suppression for optimal collaboration experiences while seamlessly integrating with the room’s existing conferencing equipment or a variety of third-party components.

“Following the success of our ADECIA line, the RM microphone family was engineered to provide all the advantages we built into that complete solution, but in a standalone model for applications utilizing Dante networking protocols,” said Holger Stoltze, Senior Manager of Technical Sales and Marketing at Yamaha Unified Communications. “This allows integrators seeking Yamaha’s high-quality audio leadership to upgrade the room’s microphones easily and with confidence. They can, for example, add each microphone to the room’s existing DSP while still benefitting from all of Yamaha’s latest, state-of-the-art audio processing technology. It also allows designers and consultants to use Yamaha technology in new designs with third-party equipment.”