Yamaha UC Empowers Community-wide Collaboration with Donation of Portable Speakerphones

Yamaha Donates YVC-300 Portable Speakerphones to the Okemo Valley Regional Chamber of Commerce for the Benefit of the Entire South-Central Vermont Community

“We are delighted these systems will enhance how people come together to work, communicate, and collaborate for the benefit of the entire region,” said Holger Stoltze, Director of Product Management at Yamaha Unified Communications, and a member of the chamber’s board of directors. “While each town has its own identity, the region is known collectively as a four-seasons destination for arts, culture, and the outdoors. It is our hope that Yamaha’s donation can help make it easier and more enjoyable to collaborate in their shared activities.”

As the voice for members and businesses it represents, the Okemo Valley chamber makes regular use of the speakerphones for conferences that build rapport and achieve consensus for its regional marketing efforts. Many of the region’s schools, libraries, towns, and non-profits have stepped forward to take advantage of the speakerphones as well and are using them regularly in all the places communities gather. Users find that Yamaha’s impressive sound quality and ease of use lend to effective communication, giving them the confidence to connect the USB-powered speakerphones to their PC, smartphone, tablet, or videoconferencing system.