Yamaha’s Next Generation Video Collaboration Systems “CS-800” and “CS-500”

Yamaha Corporation releases “CS-800” and “CS-500” video collaboration systems that enable on-demand video conferencing in a variety of workspaces with the latest in speaking tracking technology.

The new “CS-800” and “CS-500” combine Yamaha’s original audio processing technology with the latest in intelligent video technology to automatically recognize the conference space and participants, the “SoundCap Eye™”, and “find” the voice of speakers with the newly developed Hexa-Microphone. Both provide a frictionless and excellent calling experience by collecting sound and automatically adjusting the video and audio according to each unique setting.

CS-800 is an all-in-one system that integrates the microphone, speaker, camera and video output (HDMI) required for remote conference into one device, while CS-500 includes the microphone, camera and video output (HDMI), while utilizing the speaker of the connected display (or other Yamaha or 3rd party speaker). Various installation methods are available such as tabletop, wall hanging, and display mounting using the optional mounting accessories. The CS-800 and CS-500 have also passed Zoom’s comprehensive testing and has been certified as a Zoom Rooms hardware device, confirming a reliable and seamless collaboration experience for users.