Yealink launches cloud-based video conferencing platform – Yealink Meeting – for organisations simplifying online collaboration

Yealink, a global brand specialised in video conferencing, voice communications and collaboration solutions, today announced the launch of Yealink Meeting, a cloud-based video conferencing platform enabling clients to enter video meetings with one click and join face-to-face communication with anyone, anywhere, at any time.

Since the start of containment, the video conferencing sector has experienced a real boom with a record connection. The reduction of trips and groupings within companies’ pandemic has increased the use of video conferencing, as well as home office. This is why the Yealink Meeting solution perfectly meets the demand of companies in this particular context. Data security, flexibility and easy-to-use are three top priorities of companies. Now, to support the growing demand for cloud communication/video conferencing and remote working, Yealink Meeting offers verified security and wide interoperability.

“Yealink is committed to bringing more affordable and easy-to-use products for our customers, to improve productivity and support our customers to work from anywhere,” said Li Liu, Vice President of R&D at Yealink. […]

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