Zoom Beats Google Meet & Microsoft Teams To Dazzling New iPad Pro Features

Zoom today announced a new feature in its blog, with support for Center Stage on iPad Pro. This means it has beaten rivals Google Meet and Microsoft Teams to get this feature on board.

Zoom was already ahead of its rivals on previous iPads because it was the only one of the three which had access to a special API for the iPad camera, allowing the app to use iPad Split View multitasking. This addition of Center Stage compatibility puts it further ahead.

Additionally, Gallery view has been expanded on all iPad models but on the latest version of the larger-size iPad Pro, up to 48 videos can be seen at the same time.

In case you don’t know, Center Stage is a new feature which only works on the latest iPad Pro models, 11-inch and 12.9-inch, with the Apple M1 chip in it.

These new tablets have an ultra-wide camera on the front and Center Stage makes the most of it. Machine learning tells the iPad where you are in the picture and it automatically pans to follow you if you move. The iPad itself isn’t moving, it’s just picking out the relevant part of the image to keep you front-and-center.

Of course, it’s only you who needs the iPad Pro for this to work—the other parties on the Zoom can be watching on tablet, PC, phone, whatever and they’ll just see you right in the center, even if you’re moving around the room.

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