Zoom bullish on India as video conferencing app grows in popularity

You may not have heard of Zoom three months ago. Niche tech products, especially enterprise-centric video conferencing platforms, which are a dime a dozen, rarely grab headlines like tech behemoths such as Amazon, Facebook, and Google do.

Lives have drastically changed in the recent months with a virus running amuck – forcing millions of people around the world to be confined in their houses. Among many other things, the Covid-19 pandemic has affected our work as people are relying on digital tools to collaborate and communicate. Zoom’s meteoric growth is a byproduct of the ongoing crisis.

Zoom could be the flavour of the season and there is no guarantee it will remain as popular as it is right now. We’re used to such instant hits which rarely sustain. Remember Sarahah? FaceApp? Fidget Spinners? Prisma? The list is long, and users’ memory and loyalty for a product is short and rare. […]

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