Zoom: The New Face of Classrooms

While schools have made attempts to limit the number of students in class, per coronavirus restrictions, Zoom has replaced the traditional classroom setting for millions of students around the world.

Zoom, a popular video and audio conferencing platform, has changed the way teachers conduct class, as well as how students absorb information.

About one month into the new form of teaching, some Utica College professors are finding it challenging to modify their teaching methods to observe online learning requirements.

Thomas Rossi, a professor of business management, is celebrating 42 years of teaching at UC. With COVID-19 impacting educational institutions, Rossi found himself changing decade-old teaching methods to conform to new society.

“After devoting my first 41 years at UC as a full-time ‘on ground professor and lecturer,’ I am now finding it more difficult to fully engage and get to know my students,” Rossi said. “At the same time I am now learning and experimenting with new teaching approaches, platforms and delivery models, which includes Zoom.”


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