Examples of RR Video Content

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FAQs & Other Information

As long as it’s educational, relevant, and objective, we can capture it on video.  Common types of video content include:

  • Evaluation videos

  • Video research notes

  • Video interviews

  • Video presentations

The only real limit is your imagination.

That depends on the situation and the type of video we’re creating.

Some projects (e.g., evaluation videos) are scripted to ensure that all key points are covered.  Other videos (e.g., video interviews, video research notes, etc.) are more conversational, resulting in a polished but informal content piece.

Our studio-shot videos are captured in 4K or higher resolution with professional lighting and audio equipment.  The footage is then edited and mixed by our professional videographer.  (see an example video clip)

For some videos, we use video conferencing to capture the video content.  We then create all required graphics and send them to the editing floor. (see an example video clip)

The typical video project includes the following promotional benefits:

  • Posting of the video on YouTube and our website

  • Tagging the content as a featured item for at least two weeks

  • Promoting the content multiple times through our social channels *

* Our social audience includes more than 20,000 LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook contacts!


Each project includes full, unlimited, and perpetual distribution rights to the final versions of the project deliverables.

We encourage our Clients to help promote the videos!

That depends on the type of video.

  • Evaluation videos are typically available 3 to 4 weeks after we complete our testing.
  • Other videos may require as little as 2 weeks or as long as 6 weeks.

Just tell us what you’re thinking and we’ll figure it out together.

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