Unified Communications

Products and services that combine IM, presence, voice, video, messaging, and more within a single application.

(a.k.a. UC or UCaaS)


Video Conferencing

Products and services that enable video and audio meetings between mobile, desktop, and meeting room participants.

(a.k.a. VC, group VC, VCaaS)


Professional Audio Visual (AV) Solutions

Products designed for use in meeting rooms, including microphones, speakers, DSPs, control systems, and more!

(a.k.a. Pro AV, Meeting Room AV)


Streaming, Webcasting & Event Platforms

Products and services for virtual events (audio/video) involving large numbers of internal or external participants.

(a.k.a. Live Events, Virtual Events)


Personal Conferencing Devices

Headsets, webcams, speakerphones, and other personal AV devices that support desktop / mobile conferencing.


Monitoring & Management Platforms

Centralized platforms (on-premises or cloud) for monitoring and managing UC, VC, and AV solutions and platforms.


Advanced Collaboration & Ideation Systems

Solutions that foster collaboration sessions for brainstorming, problem-solving, and more between meeting room, desktop, and mobile users.

(a.k.a. Teaming Systems, Electronic / Digital Whiteboards)


Wireless Presentation & Conferencing

Solutions for presenting PC content and hosting video calls in meeting rooms without connecting USB and HDMI cables.

(a.k.a. BYOC, BYOD, WPS, Wireless Conferencing)

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