What is an Analyst Briefing?

An analyst briefing allows vendors and channel partners to educate our team of analysts on their company, products, services, and business strategy.
This ensures that we will include your organization in research and end-user opportunities (as appropriate).

Analyst briefings take 45 – 60 minutes and are typically conducted remotely over video conference.

Who Should Attend an Analyst Briefing?

The answer depends on the company and focus of the discussion, but in most cases the vendor / channel partner is represented by one or more in the following roles:
C-Level Executives, Senior Sales / Marketing / Business Development, Senior Product Management / R&D, Channel Management, Analyst Relations (AR), Etc.

How Do I Schedule a Briefing?

Scheduling a briefing is quick and easy.  Just click the link below and pick a date / time that works for you.
There is no cost for an analyst briefing.


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