Ira M. Weinstein

I’m the founder and managing partner at Recon Research (RR).  I spend my day thinking about communication solutions, audio-visual systems, and unified communications (UC) products and services.

During my 25+ years in the industry, I’ve helped countless enterprises define their global communication strategy, assess their current situation, and choose and implement communication and collaboration solutions.  When not doing that, I’m either focusing on industry insights and reviews to makes sense of this wonderful industry, or speaking at industry events and conferences, sales kickoffs, and many other forums.

Before starting RR, I was a senior analyst / partner at Wainhouse Research (for ~ 15 years) where I led the firm’s video conferencing and AV practice, managed all end-user support efforts, and created what is now the Recon Research test lab.

I’m based at Recon Research’s South Florida, USA office. Reach out at:


Ira M. Weinstein

We’re on this planet for ~ 29,000 days (or 690,000 hours or 41M minutes, etc.).  Let’s make the most of every single day!

I am always busy doing something.  Banging out a work or home project, reading about some amazing new idea, planning an adventure, or traveling. I’m pretty much always on the go.  Make your way down to South Florida, and you’ll find me on my bike, at the pool, on a boat, at a campsite, or somewhere else where things are happening.

I am naturally curious about everything, and that curiosity drives my life.  Yes – the engineering mindset to an extreme.

But what matters the most to me?  People.  Family.  Friends.  And yes – clients (many I now consider friends).

A bit of advice – live every day like it’s your last, and hug everyone you love as often as you can!  Peace.


Yehuda Indig

I am an analyst and a consultant at Recon Research, and I focus on conferencing and collaborations, unified communications, AV, networking and security, and IT.  I’m especially interested in how these disciplines integrate together.

During the last 15 years, I was a technology manager for a large global enterprise, and an AV consultant supporting both global and local organizations. I pride myself on my ability to manage and support projects from inception to roll-out and beyond. And my end-user experience taught me the difference between a great plan and a great solution.

I’m based at Recon Research’s Netanya, Israel office. Reach out at:


Yehuda Indig

There’s a saying that,  “Good people make good places.” I also believe that good people always have the best ideas. I am always eager to meet new people, learn about their ideas and experiences, and see how those ideas can help people.

I live in Israel, a wonderful place where there’s always action (positive action – don’t believe everything you hear on the news), adventure, and interesting things to do. And despite our small size, there’s never a shortage of good ideas.

When I’m not meeting people, you’ll find me spending time with my family, playing with my gadgets, swimming, riding my bike, or hanging out with friends. I also enjoy photographing nature.

So if you have a minute, connect with me and let’s share.  Wishing you the best …


Andrew W. Davis

I am a contributing analyst at Recon Research. As an analyst, I have followed the video conferencing industry since 1994.  I was also the founder of Wainhouse Research, a market research firm from which I retired in 2017.

During the past 25 years, I have published scores of reports and articles detailing the trends and issues in the conferencing and collaboration industry, provided strategy advice to vendors, channel partners, and end users, written hundreds of newsletters, and spoken at numerous public and private industry events.

Prior to working as an analyst, I was a marketing professional at four high-technology companies.  I’m based in the Boston area. Reach out at:


Andrew W. Davis

Since retiring from Wainhouse Research in mid-2017, I have been spending more time in three of my favorite activities: visiting with the grandchildren in Philadelphia and attending their sports activities, making customer furniture in my woodworking workshop on Cape Cod, and traveling in Europe and the American West with my wife of 44 years, Gayle.

I’m also looking forward to welcoming a new grandchild this summer – this one will be based in Boston, making visits much more convenient.


Mark Roberts

I’m new to the analyst community, but a veteran in the communications industry.

My experience helping companies develop, position, and bring communications solutions to market means I understand what it really takes to get the job done. Whether it’s your overall marketing approach, development of relevant go to market avenues, or simply understanding your product/market fit, I can help.

When not working through strategies or evaluations, I’m either focusing on industry insights and reviews to makes sense of this wonderful industry, or speaking at industry events and conferences, sales kickoffs, and many other forums.

I’m based at Recon Research’s Atlanta, GA, USA office. Reach out at:


Mark Roberts

I’d like to believe that weekends are for working on my bikes and cars. The reality is that my son’s LaCrosse habit takes priority, and as it turns out, is much more rewarding.

When I’m not on the sidelines taking pictures for the team (photography is another hobby), I’m usually elbows deep in some piece of machinery.



Dale J. Barker

I’m an account manager at Recon Research. My goal is quite simple – to make it easy to work with our company. I spend my time interacting with clients and prospects alike, ensuring that we not only meet – but exceed their expectations.

During my career, I have held senior positions in the Telecom and Visual Collaboration sectors with companies including Mitel, Newbridge Networks, BT, and others.

I’m based in Ontario, Canada. Reach out at:


Dale J. Barker

My personal time is divided between my family (wife,  5 great kids, + animals), home reno projects, and kids sports / activities. I am always building or repairing something, or tearing something apart to make it better.

We have travelled quite a bit, and there are many more places we’d love to visit. Even still, I love getting back to my native New Zealand. Since living overseas I have come to appreciate just how special this little country is, and I’m very proud to call it home.

I have a keen interest in things that move, and have always loved cars, trains, and aircraft (I’m also a private pilot).