Key benefits include …

  • Brand awareness & market credibility
  • Demonstration of thought leadership
  • Ability to educate your target audience
  • Hosting and promotion of the study

Examples of White Papers & E-Books

See additional examples of White Papers and eBooks.

FAQs & Other Information

  • Traditional white papers include ~ 6 to 10 pages of copy, and images are provided in PDF format.

  • E-Book studies include ~ 8 to 10 slides with short paragraphs of copy, bullet-point lists, and various images.

  • Video studies are ~ 5 minutes long and include an RR analyst presenting the topic and supporting graphics (B-Roll).

A standard white paper / E-Book project includes the following promotional benefits:

  • Posting of the content on our website

  • Tagging the content as a featured item for at least two weeks

  • Promoting the content through our social channels *

* Our social audience includes more than 20,000 LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook contacts!


Each project includes full, unlimited, and perpetual distribution rights to the final versions of the project deliverables.

We encourage our Clients to help promote these educational studies!

Yes!  Translating content we’ve created for you into different languages is a great way to expand reach and readership.

Here are our content translation guidelines:

  • The translated document(s) must include all of the text and information from the original document.
  • The translated document(s) must retain the same look, feel, branding, and date as the original document.
  • The following copy should be added on the cover or at the beginning of the translated document(s) – in both English and the new language:

“This document has been translated from English into LANGUAGE by PERSON / COMPANY.  Although this translation was conducted with Recon Research’s approval, Recon Research has not verified and is not responsible for the accuracy of the translation.”

Questions?  Please contact

Yes – you can and you should create your own white papers or E-Books focused on your solutions.  After all, nobody knows your products/services better, so go for it!

But here’s the issue … market participants don’t fully trust educational content created by vendors.  They know you have an agenda, so they take your words with a grain of salt.

But when WE release a study, the market sees it for what it is – objective, unbiased, third-party content.

Best of all — we do the work for you, so you can focus on creating and selling your offerings.

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